TenBerke Releases Carbon Sequestering Toolkit for Residential Projects

June 20, 2024

TenBerke releases a toolkit that considers ways to reduce carbon emissions in the design of houses, dipping below Zero Net Carbon, taking on a regenerative stance.

Designing the Carbon Sequestering House studies the major components of a house — the exterior walls, roof, and floor — comparing the embodied carbon of standard well-performing construction methods against proposed alternatives that use carbon sequestering materials. As a point of departure for designers, contractors, and homeowners, TenBerke’s toolkit explores pathways to design houses that not only lower their carbon footprint but go further to capture carbon from the earth’s atmosphere.

This toolkit builds on the studio’s commitment to an ethics-based practice. It expands upon the studio’s design research put forth in the 2022 Adaptive Reuse white paper, and 2023 publication of Transform: Promising Places, Second Chances, and the Architecture of Transformational Change.

Read our toolkit, Designing the Carbon Sequestering House, here