Stephen Brockman

LEED AP | Principal | Owner

Stephen blends architecture with the textures and patterns of interior design. His eye for space, materials, and detail is broad and generous and he expands the firm’s holistic approach to design. Stephen’s projects, accordingly, are defined by their inclusiveness. They combine uses and programs to rich and unexpected effect; the projects sound like delightful rebuses: “museum-hotels”, “campus-guest houses”, and the “classically modern” 432 Park Ave.

“I remember going to see the Loja Saarinen tapestries at Cranbrook as a child, and seeing how craft, texture, color might combine in a visually-powerful whole. And, more to the point, the tapestries themselves blend highly diverse forms: maps, perspectives, elevations, and figures in a fancifully complex composition.”

Stephen was instrumental in developing our 21c Museum Hotel “look” and led our work for their first eight locations. He also recently completed the Richardson Olmsted Campus, a hotel made within a former asylum in Buffalo, NY. Stephen designed the interiors for our projects for Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently leading our work at the University of Virginia, and working on our project at Yale. Stephen received his BFA in Textile and Graphic Design from Miami University, and a M.Arch. from Yale. Stephen joined Deborah Berke Partners in 1997 and became a Principal of TenBerke in 2019.