Terrence Schroeder

LEED AP | Principal | Owner


Terrence believes that public space deserves nothing less than artful and elegant design. Terrence’s projects show us how the common spaces within a hotel or a private suite of offices may resemble public space: skillfully-crafted settings for social life, designed to be satisfying and delightful. In his mission to find common ground and common purpose, Terrence appeals to those historic forces that underlie objects, spaces, buildings, and cities:

“I always consider the built environment in its historical context, and enjoy learning about the forces that shape a society‚Äôs design output: buildings, art, fashion, etc. That said, I like happy accidents and chance discoveries; I find unexpected juxtapositions exciting.”

Terrence leads, with Stephen, our practice area in commercial and hospitality design. Terrence has extended the language of our breakout 21c Museum Hotel projects with the latest to come online. In the 21c Oklahoma City, for example, public spaces coalesce around the striking and unexpected juxtapositions of a renovated automobile assembly plant. His Midtown financial offices, for a suite of five financial services companies, constructs an interior village of shared space. Terrence also leads residential projects and is leading our Beacon Court Apartment project. Terrence received a BArch from Iowa State University, and joined Deborah Berke Partners in 2003. He became a Principal of TenBerke in 2019.