Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Labor, Economy, and Societal Responsibility

We believe Architecture is a common right.

We will work with clients and partners to create projects that promote spatial equality. Regardless of scale, location, or program, we believe all our projects should work to dismantle the barriers in our built environment to basic human rights.

We promote diversity in the creation of the built environment.

Designers of the built environment have historically undervalued or ignored the contributions of Black, Brown and Indigenous People of Color. Our firm is committed to working with BIPOC consultants and vendors, as well as sourcing materials from companies with demonstrated diversity, equity, and inclusion policies.

Mentorship, Culture, and Professional Responsibility

We will mentor in the workplace and beyond.

Education in architecture extends outside of institutions. As architects, historians, and teachers, our team recognizes its responsibility to provide mentorship to Black, Brown, and Indigenous People of Color in our design community. We serve this role within our own workplace as well as in schools and affiliated organizations.

We will support BIPOC designers beyond hiring.

A diverse workplace does not end with hiring Black, Brown, and Indigenous Persons of Color. We are committed to increasing the diversity of designers in our office, as well as fostering a culture that maintains and advances such designers. Our firm will continue to evaluate our internal processes to ensure that our work culture, values, and policies are in line with our stance against racism.