Current Work


In this lecture, Deborah presented three of the firm’s recent or current projects: the Cummins Indy Distribution Center, a new office building that activates the surrounding neighborhood; the transformation of an abandoned 1800’s mental asylum in Buffalo, New York into the historically mindful Henry Hotel; and the Women’s Building in Manhattan, which will turn a former prison into a space for liberation, equality and justice.

“Designed as a welcoming and inviting hub, it is intended that the Women’s Building be inclusive of people—of different languages, ages, and abilities with spaces designed for their needs … The building is going to be designed to be a place of empowerment, and I don’t know yet exactly what that means but we’re working on it—I know it’s about interior environments, materials, and the outward expression of the iconic facade; and that it is also about comfort, ease, a lack of intimidation, and the availability of space that encourages interaction.”
—Deborah Berke