TenBerke renews commitment to an ethics-based practice

April 18, 2023

TenBerke, formerly Deborah Berke Partners, is a New York-based architecture studio united by values. We are bound by the promise that architecture must build toward dignity and decency, that the truest measure of good design is the good that it does the world. And that it must be good in these ways: inspirationally, imaginatively, sustainably, responsibly, delightfully.

Same Studio, New Name

Why TenBerke? The number ten speaks of multiples and unity, a reflection of the creative collective who form TenBerke. The name evokes the Powers of Ten: our duty as designers to look at the biggest picture and the finest detail. And simply, we like ten because it’s a handy number—a human measure.

Same Values, Renewed Vision

Alongside the change to our firm name, we’ve re-articulated our ethics-based vision for our practice. We believe that architecture is never an end itself. It is a tool that turns what we have into what we need. Our projects lead to outcomes: the beneficial ways people use our spaces; how our buildings grant agency; and how our projects connect us meaningfully to time and place, and to one another. We design projects to be the instruments of meaningful and sustainable change.

Celebrating Our Team

TenBerke is also pleased to welcome and elevate two long-time senior members of our team as owners. Aaron Plewke is an architect and design leader within the practice. Damaris Arias is the firm’s comptroller, having contributed to the success of the firm for nearly 25 years.

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