Juan Pablo Baene: La A*Bun*Dance

This collection of work is an intimate and joyful exploration of settling into the space of the now. It unearths the possibility of building from what is already present in material, in thoughts, in memory, in experience, and in inspirations. With each drawing, a visual poem is formed not only through a language of color, texture and form, but also through a letting go and release of restrictions and predetermined meanings. This gives the images permission and power to just be as they are and as they present themselves to us, singularly and as part of the collective.

With process, discovery occurs. Here we honor dreams as they are and as they change; we acknowledge the beauty in our routines and imagination, in what surrounds us, and in objects of ceremony. We forgive searches that do not conclude with the intended results and that deepen with endless sources. We learn to trust our interconnectedness, our intentions, and our play with associations. We embrace the recurrence of images from past and present, of patterns, and colors along with the moments of visual confusion, learning or laughter. As a collective dance, the drawings bring forth a pleasure in the things we know and in the magic that is created between forms and amongst ideas when we allow them their homes, their truths, and their ability to be. There is an acceptance of that which is constructed from what we have and how that commonality creates the whole that together they form. It is a celebration of knowing that here there is everything.

About the Artist

Juan Pablo Baene is a Colombian artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. He is a doodler enthusiast, story collector, space robot seeker, image builder, dancer, dreamer, and a great dad. Juan Pablo’s work, both colorful and playful, is filled with fantastical details, sometimes even absurd stories woven in the composition. Baene has exhibited work in Colombia, Spain, and New York. In addition, he has illustrated various children’s books, including a recent project about family separation at the border. Through collaborations with art collectives and commercial clients, his work appears on album covers, murals, t-shirts, magazines, and short animations. Juan Pablo also teaches art to youth English language learners in public schools. Originally from Bogóta, Colombia, he received his BFA from University Jorge Tadeo Lozano and his MFA from the University of Barcelona. He is a PhD candidate at the Universidad de Barcelona.