Aaron Plewke

AIA | Principal | Owner


In addition to leading some of our largest and most complex campus projects, Aaron is our Design Standards Director. Design at TenBerke happens at the intersection of our values-based design vision and our clients’ mission-grade goals. Aaron is responsible for the process by which we assure design quality and a cohesion of values across all projects. On the projects he leads, Aaron works to connect design to our clients’ broadest objectives and to lead large teams to meet them. Leading large dynamic teams to achieve concrete results:

“It’s equal parts carpentry and gardening – having a clear vision for the outcome, and a plan to get there, and letting that vision evolve as diverse voices and variables are incorporated. I love how these differing inputs come together to make something new. Discovering that new thing together, with our clients, can be incredibly satisfying.”

Aaron is currently managing our building for Yale’s Physical Sciences and Engineering, and recently completed managing the Residential Colleges at Princeton University. A Principal in TenBerke, Aaron received his Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Florida, and a Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis.