Hudson Street — a duplex loft that distinguishes between public and private domains

New York, NY
6,700 square feet
Type: Apartments / Interiors

We designed this duplex loft for a family of four in an old industrial building in lower Manhattan. We organized the plan around two floors of connected open living spaces, one more public for entertaining and the other more private for play and family time together. Both floors take advantage of great natural light and open city views, as well as a generous terrace on the upper level.

On the lower level, a palette of dark floors and sharp white walls emphasizes the stout original columns and the large steel windows. Elements of the warehouse space were left exposed in order to maintain a touch of the industrial character.

On the second level, spaces are made up of smaller, more intimate rooms and the palette of materials is kept more restrained. A variety of white surfaces reflect, amplify, and modulate the abundant daylight that streams in through the continuous bands of steel windows.

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