Warp & Weft — our series of rugs, the “Light & Shadow Collection”

Type: Interiors

Our rug collection for Warp & Weft, Light & Shadow, is inspired by the values that inform our architecture and interiors: a commitment to creating place-specific designs that are sensitive to climate and culture.

Dawn is the first of three series in the collection and was designed for the residential market. It showcases Warp & Weft’s unwavering commitment of fine craft, construction methods, and materials. Dawn abstracts the light, shadows, patterns, and reflections in some of our most iconic projects to create sophisticated, graphic compositions of form and color, enriched with texture and lush materiality.

Midday is our second series and was inspired by the way natural light animates architecture. Midday, designed for the residential and boutique hospitality market, highlights the precise differentiation of line and texture that comes into focus under the midday sun.

Our final series, Dusk, is inspired by the dynamic ways shadows move across surfaces in the evening hours. The most textured of the Light & Shadow collection, Dusk’s varied pile-heights give the carpets depth and dimension, evoking the stark shadows that come as night falls.

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Dawn 1, 2 and 3 textile patterns.

Midday 1, 2 and 3 textile patterns.

Warp and Weft Dusk Series